The interview with Laura Meseguer, a graphic and type designer from Barcelona.


The interview with Laura Meseguer, a graphic and type designer from Barcelona.

Are you curious about the happenings of the type world abroad? In this series, interviews provide a glimpse into their fascinating world through the lens of the designers, programmers, educators, vendors, and other members who make up the fabric of this type-loving community.

“All roads lead to Typography” had an interview with Laura Meseguer, a graphic and type designer from Barcelona.

Typographical illustrations for Sir Edmund, the cultural supplement of the "De Volkskrant", a Dutch newspaper. Art direction: Lucas van Esch. Client: De Volkskrant

“ I'm specialized in all sorts of projects involving custom lettering and type design, for branding and publishing design”

1.Please introduce yourself briefly.

Laura Meseguer

Laura Meseguer(LM): I'm a freelance graphic and type designer, teacher and author based in Barcelona, Spain. From my studio I work for international and domestic clients but also self-initiated projects. I'm specialized in all sorts of projects involving custom lettering and type design, for branding and publishing design. I design and produce typefaces which are distributed through my own digital type foundry Type-Ø-Tones.

2.The first character you draw when drawing a new style?

LM: It depends on the project, but I normally start with 'n' or 'a'. Both give you a pretty good idea of the shapes, the mood and the proportions of the future typeface. Also “a”, “e” and “o” are the most common letters in the Spanish language, and with those done, you can easily start to test short pieces of texts.

The Multi type family is a study of the expressiveness of the sans serif types for use in newspapers, both for text as for headlines, for reading on paper and on screen. Originally designed for the redesign of a series of Dutch regional newspapers, it was subsequently expanded with a broader set of characters and with more weights and styles. Art direction: Luis Mendo.

3.Any current project you can openly talk about?

LM: I'm working on two different projects, first I keep on working on the retail, and expanded, version of Qandus, in collaboration with Kristian Sarkis who designs the Arabic (in Maghrebi style), and Juan Luis Blanco who is in charge of the Tifinagh. The biggest challenge for the design of the Latin is to create three different weights in three different constructions (so a total of nine fonts) that could 'communicate' with the Arabic and the Tifinagh in a contemporary design context, but paying tribute to our referent, the Arabic calligraphy manuscripts, matching their spirit, energy and grace; but also to the own script.

Secondly I'm working on a series of Stencil fonts, one of my favorite styles. I have done many stencil type workshops and from the sketches and referents I collected, I decided to create an eclectic typeface family mixing different styles but with the same concept. They will be halfway between form and function, let's see how far I will go.

Qandus was developed as part of the typographic design research project “Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghrib (2015-2017)” of the Khatt Foundation. The designers are: Laura Meseguer (Latin alphabet), Kristyan Sarkis (Arabic alphabet) and Juan Luis Blanco (Tifinagh alphabet).

4.Any language you would like to try to design?

LM: That's a nice question. I started learning Japanese (ages ago) because I got fascinated by the calligraphy, and the hiragana and katakana shapes. I'd love to be able to design one typeface for Japanese one day :) but obviously with Japanese designers.

Barcelona, Cuitat de Pau
Logo for the commemoration of the terrorist attack that took place in La Rambla de Barcelona on August 17, 2017. Client: Ajuntament de Barcelona

“My main role is to work as a designer on the overall Association identity”

5.From when you started joining ATypI conference, and what was the trigger?

LM: My first ATypI was in 1995 when it was held in Barcelona, my hometown. At that time I was working as a graphic designer, but also starting my own foundry, Type-Ø-Tones.

Design of the masthead of the Dutch newspaper, “Het Parool”, on the occasion of its redesign. Art direction: John Koning and Floor Koop. Client: Het Parool

6.You are the board member of ATypI. What is your role as the board member?

LM: At the moment, my main role is to work as a designer on the overall Association identity and to collaborate with the local design team.

7.What would you expect to ATypI 2019 Tokyo?

LM: As an event organized by ATypI, I hope it will bring many great talks and workshops that will enpower projects and collaborations. In the personal side, learning more about type design and typography in Japan, meeting and connecting with the local design scene and, ideally, get to learn a little bit about the main traits of Japanese type design.

8.You are one of the judges for Morisawa Type Design Competition 2019. What you are looking forward for this competition?

LM: Discover talented type designers around the world, and of course I'm eager to share impressions and learn from the other jury members, in both categories Japanese and Latin. I feel very privileged to be so close to all those masters.

Plan B music. Logo for an artist agency
Art direction: Eider Corral. Client: Plan B music

9.It will be your first time to come to Japan in May. What is your image of Japan?

LM: In the past, I learned Japanese for two years, but I never managed to travel there, so I forgot almost everything, but I learnt a bit about the arts, traditions, healthy food and the landscape. I'm preparing myself for the trip, I recently read a book about the 'ikigai' this concept that means "a reason for being", I believe that it has influence in every aspect of the culture. I can't wait to live the full experience with all my senses.

10.Any new year's resolutions?

LM: To draw more letters, and of course, embrace and enjoy all the good moments that are about to come.

Lettering for a shirt, part of a collection designed by women and for women. Client: Skylar Yoo






あいうえお かきくけこ さしすせそ たちつてと なにぬねの はひふへほ まみむめも やゆよ らりるれろ わゐゑを ん がぎぐげご ざじずぜぞ だぢづでど ばびぶべぼ ぱぴぷぺぽ 0123456789.
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